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Caroline is such an awesome rider and instructor! She truly cares about her students and encourages them to grow and become skilled riders. Her knowledge of the sport shows through not only her riding but in her teaching as well.

Kate E.

Caroline is an incredible rider, teacher, and friend. She is encouraging and kind, but also motivates me to become a better rider. I have improved more with Caroline than I had in many years previous. She truly wants me and my horse to do well, and her teaching style truly makes me want to learn. Five stars!!

Claire S.

Caroline is an amazing rider and trainer! Morgan has only been riding with her a short time and even with the weather against us she has made tremendous progress!

Jill G.

Caroline is exceptional! She is an outstanding equestrian and equally talented at coaching and inspiring her students. She is committed to the fundamentals and has a gift in finding ways to help each rider improve! She also has a genuine interest and appreciation for each horse as an individual. She leads by example and is one of the most positive people I know! Big Cheese Eventing has a very bright future

Meghan C.

Caroline is an inspiring rider, trainer, and human being! Her constant positive attitude and endless motivation make her an ideal horsewoman. My horse and I love every lesson we take with her, and she never stops believing in us even on our worst days. Go Big Cheese!

Hannah F.

Caroline Marlett is a gifted trainer and rider whose always positive attitude makes you feel happy and accomplished after every lesson. With a long-term goal in mind, she works with you on a solid foundation and has a good feel for when and to what extent to challenge you and your horse on a given day. Her approach makes jumping easy. Caroline has experience in building up young horses. With her as a trainer, I feel confident in reaching my previously unreachable goal of eventing with my now 5-year old gelding in the near future! After all, Caroline is a genuine, respectful, and wonderful person all around. You don't find these qualities combined in one trainer often. Big Cheese Eventing rocks!

Lilian S

Caroline Marlett is an amazing instructor and has helped me grow so much as a rider. Having ridden for almost 22 years now, I had reached a plateau comfortably riding but not improving. Caroline changed that and challenged me to be a better rider. Not only has she imparted valuable insight and instruction into my own riding, she has also improved the performance of my horse! Bruno and I have grown so much as a team and I can't wait to see where we will go. I would never be in the place I am today without you Caroline! Thank you!

Emily M.

Caroline Marlett is an incredible trainer and rider. Whether she is teaching lessons or riding a client's horse, she always has the horse's best interests in mind and goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done correctly. She has opened my eyes to what it means to truly connect with your horse. Her coaching techniques are easy to understand and beneficial to any riding style.

Christine F.

Caroline is amazing with horses and events!! She is a great rider!! I recommend her!

Elyse G.

Caroline and her horses are amazing. She gives both of my girls lessons with a kind heart and encouraging words. And of course, she's a fabulous rider!

Patti O.

My horse feels so great after Caroline rides him, and she always has great advice!!

Sara M.

Due to school I had to temporarily move away from Athens and was unable to take my horse with me. My horse is my world so I wasn't going to ask just anyone to take care of him, but I had not doubt that Caroline would take impeccable care of him and that she would be honest, reliable, and no doubt keep my horse going fabulously. My horse can be complicated and really feeds off of his rider (for better or worse) and Caroline was just the type of rider he needed! When I returned, he was in great health and going fabulously---he was fit, balanced, relaxed and his mind was in a great place. Caroline even had him doing hill work and hacking all over the property (we are hunters that rarely get out of the ring so getting my horse to do this in a civilized and balanced manner was no small job!). My horse doesn't lie, Caroline did a fabulous job with my guy.

Liz G

Wouldn't Have Trusted Anyone Else

A great name with a strong rider. A stand-out in all ways!

Debora L.

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