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Our Horses

Bashful Bandit

Bandit is an 2010 OTTB gelding I adopted in October of 2015. Having rehabbed from a track injury, he started under saddle with me in November of 2015. Bandit has now competed through USEA Training level competition with eyes on Preliminary in 2022! Bandit is one of the sweetest and most naturally talented horses I've sat on and I'm excited to see what his future has in store.


Ben is a 2008 Trakehner gelding purchased in January of 2018. He has been professionally trained through 3rd level dressage and shown through 2nd. This horse is a dream-come-true for me and I am seriously looking forward to developing my dressage skills on a deeper level. 2021 saw us achieve our first set of scores towards our Bronze Medal at 1st & 2nd Levels, and we look to get our remaining scores at 3rd in 2022!

Blame the Whiskey

Loki is a 2016 OTTB locally bred by a friend of mine here in Georgia. He last raced right before Thanksgiving 2019 and enjoyed some downtime before being restarted. He made his dressage debut in 2021 at Intro level and we hope to get him out eventing in 2022.  He is sweet, smart and easy to be around - a trait all of our Big Cheese horses share!

Hendon Rocks

Henry is a coming 5yo Thoroughbred gelding who came to me in July of 2020, having just turned 3 in May. He has been given time to grow up both physically and mentally and we hit the ground running in the summer of 2021. Henry shows GREAT promise as a sport horse and is currently working on his dressage basics and learning about hacking out in the woods and encountering various types of terrain. He will be looking to make his show debut in 2022. With an adorable perosonality, incredibly good looks, natural curiosity and a true enjoyment for his work, we think Henry has all the makings of a top-notch show horse. 

In Memorium: Seefari

On January 31, 2016 I lost Sleepy in a tragic pasture accident while I was competing Jack at the Full Gallop HT.

I have always given Sleepy all of the credit for helping me become the person I am today. Clueless at 14, I took on a green broke 8 year old OTTB and together we traveled all over the East Coast working, training, schooling and competing. We competed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We’ve lived in just about all of those states as well, whether as a working student or college student, and finally as a permanent resident. We competed successfully from Novice-Training level eventing, adding a couple Preliminary CT’s and a Prelim/Training USEA event as well as competing in the 3’ jumpers. He taught Davis how to ride, gave lessons to summer campers and beginners, helped another little girl grow into a successful Training level eventer, and helped me by “coaching” Jack to be the best damn eventer I know. He gave me everything and owed me nothing. The eight years we spent competing at Training level, wanting so desperately to make the move up to Preliminary, gave me so much more insight into the process of training horses; of reading them and helping them develop. 

That insight made it possible for me to see that Sleepy didn’t WANT to run Preliminary XC and that he was happier doing less. It allowed me to feel confident in bringing Jack along, and then Theo, and now Bandit. He may have been in the background of my riding and showing in the last couple years, but to me it didn’t matter because he was there. He was always watching over everything I did. And I know he approved. He was happy with his college girl lessee Marie; she loved him and treated him like the royalty he thought himself to be. He had so much to teach so many people. He was an incredible athlete. A gentle soul. My best friend forever.

Thank you Sleepy; for choosing me, trusting me and always being there for me. You were one in a million and you have left hoof prints on my soul.

Previous Mounts


Jack was a green, sale-barn horse that I fell in love at first sight with back in August of 2007. He had some emotional and physical baggage, but once he discovered jumping he never looked back. Jack helped make my dreams come true by taking me to my first Preliminary events, including a win and many other top placings over the course of his 4 years at Preliminary. In April of 2016, Jack sustained a career-ending ligament tear in his right front pastern while in the pasture. He's now living the life of a fat, shaggy retired horse!


FGF Wonder Will is a 2010 OTTB gelding purchased from Full Gallop Farm in the fall of 2016. While jumping proved to be a struggle for Will, he found his passion in dressage, regularly scoring 8's for gaits and submission. We are pleased to announce he has been sold to an adult amateur to continue to dance in the dressage arena at local and USDF rated dressage shows. 


Bruno is a young Percheron/TB cross gelding owned by a student. While his owner is out of the country for the next year I will be taking over the reins with Bruno!

He has competed successfully at the Starter and Beginner Novice levels with multiple top placings, including 1st place at his first Beginner Novice schooling event and 2nd in his first recognized Beginner Novice! We hope to compete in some local jumper shows to get mileage as well as continuing our eventing education with bootcamp, XC schooling and some schooling and recognized events this winter. Bruno shows a natural talent for all three phases and we are looking forward to a move up to Novice in the spring. 


Theo was bought as a project horse in March of 2012. He was a 9 y/o grade pony, who was supposedly rented out at Mardis Gras the month before I bought him. He was essentially a sale-barn rescue. He didn't steer, could barely canter, and hated everything and everyone he came in contact with for the first month. Once we gained his trust, he blossomed. At his first show, where he competed in the Amoeba division of a combined test which consisted of a walk/trot dressage test and 18" fences, Theo told us that he LOVED to jump; jumping with square knees at least 2 feet over the rails and even throwing in a lead change. From there, we worked on building muscle and putting a good dressage foundation on him. He has since been leased by a young rider and competed at the 2014 US Pony Jumper Finals, finishing on the Gold Medal Team and in 5th place Individually. Back with Caroline he has been competing at Novice & Training level eventing at local and USEA events.

SOLD June 2015 to the Brunker family of Georgetown, KY! Best of luck with this special boy!