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Photo Gallery

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Jack after 2 weeks of stall rest following his 2nd melanoma removal surgery 190476635 Jump judging at Pine Top Spring HT (in the rain) 190477036 Sleepy & Reggae sharing some old track stories 190477037 Jack & Sleepy on a rare snowy trailride 190477038 Theo & his girl Lizzy at Pony Club Show Jumping Rally 190477039 Theo & Lizzy qualified for Pony Club Nationals - woohoo! 190477040 Schooling Reggae for a friend on the flat 191962210 Schooling Reggae through a grid 191962217 Theo & Lizzy rocking the Texas Shootout Pony Jumpers! 191962218 Theo looking fancy 191962219 Look at those knees! 191962220 Pony loves to jump! 191962221 Max teaching Bella 193976311 Jack & I, early morning hack 193976312 Jack, Cheddar & I 193976313 Schooling Finnigan 193976314 Building jumps with my parents! 193976315 Max and our duck friends 193976316 Max showing off his beautiful eyes 193976317 Reese hanging out at the show 193976318 Davis, pro XC judge! 193976748 This was our fence to judge at Chattahoochee Hills International Advanced & CIC3* jump 193976749 Theo's CoTH Cover! 199099218 Schooling a student's mare XC 199099220 Goober #1 199099219 Goober #2 199099221 Goober #3 199099224 Theo looking cute before dressage at Championships 199099222 Theo napping 199099223