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About Us

So, Why "Big Cheese?"

Those who know me know that I love cheese. I do own a horse named Pepperjack and a wonderpup named Cheddar. But there's more to it than just a love of cheese.

big cheese

n. an important influential person

I'm a dreamer and a goal-setter. I put my mind to something and see it through. My plan for this business is to consistently produce top-quality sport horses for the eventing and jumper disciplines. I'd like to make my mark on the industry and influence the next generation of equestrians.

Oh, and I also love to smile. CHEESE!

Currently, I train with Kelly Eaton of Athens, GA. I have previously trained with Julie Zapapas, of Jumping Branch Farm in Aiken, SC and been a working student for Adrienne Iorio (Apple Knoll Farm, Millis, MA) and Sarah Morton. In addition, I have cliniced & lessoned with the following upper level competitors and professionals:

Jane Cory ~ Richard Lamb ~ Adam Lastowka ~ Stephen Bradley ~ Doug Payne ~ David O'Brien ~Lucinda Green ~ Karen O'Connor ~ Will Faudree ~ Kristin Schmolze ~Kurt Martin ~ Maya Black ~ Michael Pollard ~ Daniel Stewart

Big Cheese Accomplishments

2020 Results

Stay tuned as our season unfolds!

The BCE Crew

Caroline Templeton

Owner/Trainer, Show Organizer & Manager

Davis Templeton

Chief Technology Officer, Head SJ Judge

Cheddar Noodle

Head of Security, Resident Diva


Lead Squirrel Patrol, Perpetual Puppy


Cat-Dog, Resident Beach Ball